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How do I get My Website found on the first page of google Results?

This is a question I am frequently asked:


Well, now I am going to share most of these secrets with you that will pretty well guarantee that your website will feature at the top of Google’s listings on Page One. The term is called SEM (search engine marketing)
Forget about all those claims like: “we will have your business at the top of the search engines in 7 days” and “submit your site to 500 online directories FREE!”.  
I promise you, THEY DON’T  WORK! … In addition, your website may end up being penalised by google instead as they detect “unnatural tactics”.
The steps that I will cover, all have to be done gradually and over time and you will then achieve the top results.

You will of course need to devote a lot of time and energy into your Internet Marketing Strategies because there are more and more websites going online now on a daily basis, therefor it is much harder for your website to get found as easily as in the past.
These tips are what us “pros” use and they do work! Be prepared to spend up to three hours a day for a month or two implementing these strategies.
If you don’t have the time spare, give me a call and we can do all the hard work for you.
In most cases, it can be done over a three month period at as little as $50 per week. This is a small price to pay to ensure your online success and also keeping ahead of your competitors. Otherwise, be prepared to invest time, energy and in some cases a bit more money than you have in the past, to help your online side of the business thrive.


The Times, They Are A Changin” as Bob Dylan once sang about is true on the Internet Highway now.
Avoid getting your “mate” down the road to build your website as the “infrastructure” is now more complex and around 50% of websites that did well in the past have “fallen off the radar” and can’t be found even using common keywords that yielded great results in the past. Google have toughened up on poor tactics and structural errors and concentrated on giving their viewers quality returns. I would even go as far to say nowadays, get your content written by a professional content writer. Content now plays the major role for best results. Also ensure your website displays correctly on a mobile device or Mr. Google will penalise you for that too. If you are unsure how to do that, give us a call as we can convert your site cost effectively for you too.

Most businesses now have a website as it is a crucial tool for your overall survival in the 21st Century Business World, BUT around 85% of existing websites have moderate to serious errors that are inhibiting their exposure. Ensure your site is up to scratch before you put too much energy into promoting it. Give me call and I can produce a FREE site audit for you and let you know if it passes it WOF Check.

Firstly, here are a few stats for you to consider:
The First Page of Google gets a staggering 83% of clicks  .. THAT’S WHY YOU NEED TO BE THERE.
More visits = MORE BUSINESS!!!  ….. That is of course if you set your website up to generate an action from your visitor. eg Ask them to ‘signup for your newsletter”, or “click here” for a free sample, etc …

Okay, enough said, here is your daunting list of “to-do’s” .. I did say it wasn’t going to be easy!! lol
It’s not to late to call me   … lol

I have also put an explanation below which explains a few of the “techie bits” in “English”
Low, medium, high, etc, refer to the degree of competition of your keywords. These are typically words that describe your industry and what your webpage is all about. The more competitive they are, the more work you need to put in. eg .. “firewood available in Picton” would be low and “hair dresser in Auckland” would be high.

To Do List                            Low                 Medium                        High                            Extreme

SEO Audit                 1       1 page             2 pages                         3 pages                        4 pages

Onsite Content Edit   2         Yes                   Yes                                Yes                                Yes

Keyword Research            Yes                   Yes                                Yes                                Yes

Title and Meta Description
-Tag Creation            4         Yes                   Yes                                Yes                                Yes

Monthly Business
- Directory Listings    5          10                    20                                  50                                 100

Links built from Review
- and Social Sites      6          25                    50                                 75                                 100

Monthly Article
- Posts PR3+              7          50                   100                                200                                400

Monthly Authority
-Site Articles                        3                     6                                   15                                 30

Monthly Web
- 2.0 Links                  9         7-15               15-30                              30-50                             50-75

Monthly Social
- Bookmark Links     10        20-40               40-80                            100-200                         200-400

Monthly Profile
-Links                       11         100                  200                                400                               800

Monthly Supporting
- Articles                  12          No                  No                                25-50                            50-100

Weekly Sitemap
- Submission to        13
- Top Search Engines           10                    20                                  50                                100




Site Review Report             Yes                  Yes                                 Yes                               Yes

Monthly Google
- Ranking Progress
- Report                               Yes                  Yes                                 Yes                               Yes

Custom You
- Tube Video                                                                                                                          Yes



1 & 2.  ·  Keyword usage with page content

  ·  Meta title tags

  ·  Meta description tags

  ·  H1/H2 tags

  ·  Image alt tags

  ·  Internal linking


3.Use to get ideas

4. Use keywords in your page titles and description tags.

5. Place your details on business directories that are well ranked .. eg,, etc

6. Utilise facebook, twitter etc

7. Subscribe to high ranked article sites and contribute as an “expert” and link to your own website

8 - 12. Create original authoritive content and submit to “blogger sites”

  • Write original content specifically designed to enhance your site’s authority for chosen keywords
  • Put no more than 2 strategically selected keyword links in each article
  • Seek out active, authoritative blogs in your industry
  • Negotiate with these sites to have your articles posted
  • Monitor the indexing and ranking changes these posts provide


13. Submit your website to major search engines


Good luck … I hope to see you on google’s first page soon!



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