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How do I get My Website found on the first page of google Results?

This is a question I am frequently asked:


Well, now I am going to share most of these secrets with you that will pretty well guarantee that your website will feature at the top of Google’s listings on Page One. The term is called SEM (search engine marketing)
Forget about all those claims like: “we will have your business at the top of the search engines in 7 days” and “submit your site to 500 online directories FREE!”.  
I promise you, THEY DON’T  WORK! … In addition, your website may end up being penalised by google instead as they detect “unnatural tactics”.
The steps that I will cover, all have to be done gradually and over time and you will then achieve the top results.

You will of course need to devote a lot of time and energy into your Internet Marketing Strategies because there are more and more websites going online now on a daily basis, therefor it is much harder for your website to get found as easily as in the past.
These tips are what us “pros” use and they do work! Be prepared to spend up to three hours a day for a month or two implementing these strategies.
If you don’t have the time spare, give me a call and we can do all the hard work for you.
In most cases, it can be done over a three month period at as little as $50 per week. This is a small price to pay to ensure your online success and also keeping ahead of your competitors. Otherwise, be prepared to invest time, energy and in some cases a bit more money than you have in the past, to help your online side of the business thrive.

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What is Website Marketing?

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How can I get More Visitors To My Website?

Article from Bruce (CEO Online NZ)

Firstly my heartfelt thanks for all the contributions and comments we get on this site. (over 1,000 per day) lol
Sadly there are too many to load onto the site along with sorting out the spam comments too but I do assure you they are all read and greatly appreciated.

I am often asked “how do I get more people to visit my website”?

The first thing you need to do is find out how many page-views you are getting on your website currently and also do a comparison with a few of your competitors to see if they are “stealing all the business from you” (:
There are several online tools you can use for this but my preference is
Simply type in the URL of the site you want a report on and the site will tell you the number of daily visits your site (or your opposition) is getting, averaged over a three month period. It will also show you the Alexa Rank (world wide ranking) and PR (Pagerank) which is a website score given by Google. This PR is scored on several factors: quality of content, site optimisation, number of backlinks and general “authority” the content provides to viewers. I will cover pagerank and alexa rank in more detail in a subsequent article as it is fairly complex on it’s own.

High “scores” do not necessarily give you a higher search engine result as the search engines are really smart nowadays and their main focus is to direct the viewer to the most relevant pages that contain the information the viewer has asked for in the keywords. In saying that, look at your content on your pages of your website.

Are the keywords you are targeting on the page? A common mistake … make sure those keywords are used between 2-5% of the content. Don’t overdo it as you will be penalised for keyword “stuffing”. You can also get some great “keyword ideas” by using www.adwords/ as it will show you what key words and phrases are being searched and offer alternatives as well.

Next … make sure your meta tags have the “same keywords”. Use them as ‘alt tags on images, site title and URL if possible and also in your site description and keyword tags.

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